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Fairview Mall Dental

Fairview Mall Dental Centre

General Dentistry & Dental Hygiene Services in St. Catharines

Eating and smiling are two important activates in your daily life and both depend on one thing: your teeth. So savour your meals and share a laugh with friends, and feel confident that your pearly whites are healthy, courtesy of Dr. Struk and his team at Fairview Mall Dental Centre. From our St. Catharines clinic, we provide everything from basic cleanings to professional teeth whitening. Our goal is to take care of your dental hygiene needs in St. Catharines. Our highly trained staff use advanced techniques to buff and polish your smile until it sparkles. Some of our other services include:

Basic care

  • Professional cleanings/scalings
  • Extractions
  • Emergency care
  • Crowns and caps
  • Basic and white fillings
  • Missing teeth
  • Root canal therapy
  • Apnea/ snoring devices

Cosmetic restorations

  • “White” fillings
  • Ceramic veneers
  • Ceramic crowns/caps
  • Professional NiteWhite ACP teeth whitening system

Book a Dental Appointment Today!

No matter what your age – toddler, teenager, parent or grandparent – Dr. Allan Struk has years of experience in treating persons in every stage of life. At Fairview Mall Dental Centre, we offer a comprehensive exam for each new patient in the St. Catharines dental office. You’ll find Dr. Struk’s dental office in St. Catharines to be clean and sterile, and you’ll appreciate his emergency service – should you ever need it. Give us a call today to book an appointment with Dr. Struk and take care of all your dental hygienic needs in St. Catharines.

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